UWS Takes Next Step Towards Pro League

20 Mar 2021
United Women's Soccer UWS national pro league
Kate Howarth (NE Mutiny) / Photo by David Henry

METUCHEN, NJ – Club 9 Sports and United Women’s Soccer (UWS) have decided to pursue separate paths pertaining to the creation of a new professional women’s soccer league. The National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) and UWS remain allies in pursuing equity in the women’s game.

United Women’s Soccer is committed to providing a sustainable model for their member clubs and offering a clear pathway for players & teams from amateur to professional soccer within a single pyramid. A clear progression for women’s soccer clubs does not currently exist in the United States and Canada.

UWS is exploring partnership and investment opportunities to make a professional women’s league a reality. In doing so, United Women’s Soccer will provide a unified pyramid with different entry points: UWS League Two, UWS and a Professional Division.

United Women’s Soccer was founded in December 2015 on the basis of providing equality, opportunity and respect for the women’s game. In 2016, 11 teams who shared the same values and willingness to invest in women’s soccer kicked off play. Since that time, UWS has proven to be an innovative league that has paved the way for the further advancement of women’s soccer.

Now, 80-plus teams based in the United States and Canada comprise two distinct levels of competition: UWS and UWS League Two. It is the first pro-am women’s soccer league with this format designed to fill the gap between college and professional soccer.


UWS is a national pro-am league of professionally-operated clubs within the United States & Canada. UWS provides high level competition for college players, aspiring & former professionals and international stars. The season runs from May until the end of July and culminates in a National Championship. Since the league’s inception in 2016, UWS has filled the gap between the college & professional ranks and has over 17 NWSL draftees & 100 professional contracts to its name.


United Women’s Soccer (UWS) launched League Two in 2020 as a developmental pathway for U20/23 players. UWS League Two serves as the official league for UWS Reserve Teams. For new clubs, it provides an opportunity to introduce themselves to the standards-driven national pro-am league and can serve as a launch point for a UWS First Team. The season runs during the summer and teams play matches in a regional-friendly format.

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