League 2 Partners

Select Sport A/S

Select Sport A/S UL2 League Sponsor
SELECT Sport A/S is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hand-sewn balls. The innovative, Danish company with a long and exciting history manufactures around three million balls a year and is represented in major parts of the world, also exporting to over 50 countries.

MyCujoo (An ELEVEN Company)

MyCujoo (An ELEVEN Company) UL2 League Sponsor
MyCujoo's passionate team changed the way football is produced, distributed, and monetised, giving everyone the ability to live broadcast their football matches, no matter at which level they play, no matter where they are in the world.

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, in 2019 alone thousands of partners from over 150 countries live streamed over 22,000 matches to millions of users around the world across its many distribution channels. MyCujoo's unique revenue share model means they help reinvest back into football, continuing to help grow the game loved by 4 billion fans across the globe.

MyCujoo is now part of the ELEVEN family, an award-winning sports provider dedicated to delivering the best international and domestic sport to fans globally. MyCujoo will soon transform into the new global sports platform ELEVEN Sports, which will launch in the coming months with a focus on niche-premium and longtail sports, delivering even more live and on-demand sports content to viewers everywhere.

ddZ Digital Marketing

ddZ Digital Marketing UL2 League Sponsor
ddZ Digital Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in cutting-edge solutions. These days, it’s simply no longer good enough to just have a “nice” website. In order to succeed a business needs to focus on Inbound Marketing through SEO, Social Media, and Content Strategy. ddZ works with you to create a customized plan to meet your unique needs.

Knit Wit Apparel

Knit Wit Apparel UL2 League Sponsor
Knit Wit Apparel is the official supplier of custom team scarves for UWS. The custom knitwear is made in the USA to ensures a quality product with excellent service. Knit Wit Apparel is a wholly owned division of Image Apparel Solutions.

Image Apparel Solutions (IAS)

Image Apparel Solutions (IAS) UL2 League Sponsor
Image Apparel Solutions (IAS) is the official supplier of UWS patches, produced with their trademark Performance Flex® matte finish. IAS is an industry leader in innovative decoration techniques featuring Performance Flex®, appliqué, embroidery embellishment and screen printing. Located in Wheeling, IL, it is a complete apparel decorator whose services include digitizing, graphic design, and custom product development.

College Fit Finder (CFF)

College Fit Finder (CFF) UL2 League Sponsor
College Fit Finder is the nation’s most comprehensive online college recruitment platform that empowers a player to take ownership of their future by equipping them with tools necessary to find a home at the college level. The system not only provides individuals with branded player profiles, college filtering, messaging, video editing, amongst dozens of other features, to help create a uniform approach for athletics, clubs, and college coaches to find the right fit.

Duktig Brand

Duktig Brand UL2 League Sponsor
Duktig Brand was founded by Tiffany Weimer and Adelaide Gay, two professional soccer players at the time, who wanted a soccer-specific notebook for their own personal use. While playing overseas in Sweden, the two began the process of designing and purchasing the perfect soccer notebook. In the past two years, Duktig Brand has sold more than 50,000 notebooks in all 50 states of the United States as well as Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more. The goal of Duktig Brand is to create products that are affordable and accessible while using the highest quality materials they can possibly find. The company has designed a wide variety of waterproof and weather-resistant notebooks, notepads and other products to outfit the coach or player for any season. From coach education to producing students of the game, Duktig Brand believes in the power of a single notebook to amplify your contribution to the game of soccer.

Techne Futbol

Techne Futbol UL2 League Sponsor
Techne Futbol, founded by former professional soccer player and U.S. Women’s National Team alum Yael Averbuch, allows for the individual to fine-tune their technique and manage their skill development outside of team training. The app provides the user with weekly videos consisting of exercises to improve their ball handling skills, etc. They can track their progress over time, set goals and compete with others across the country as well.

Impact Canopy

Impact Canopy UL2 League Sponsor
Impact Canopy is a leader in the field & event branding industry with decades of experience in the manufacturing and distributing of high-quality, American-made custom branded canopies, domes, flags, banners, signage, inflatables, and much more. Each product designed with durability, efficiency, and portability in mind. It is the commitment of Impact Canopy to provide exceptional products with extraordinary value. Impact has got you covered.


Veo UL2 League Sponsor
Veo is a portable & affordable sports camera that enables teams to record and analyze games and practices without the need for a camera operator.

Using a smart device, the user can start and stop the video recording and once the game is over, upload to the Veo online platform. The player can create their own highlights and the coach can review the overall performance of their team. UWS requires it's member teams to record all their games. With this agreement, both organizations will continue to push the boundaries towards the future of sports recording and analysis.

Fueling Dynamic Leaders

Fueling Dynamic Leaders UL2 League Sponsor
The FDL Academy teaches new skills that will bring sports and life experiences of the athletes to the next level. The focus on leadership skills and properly fueling sports and life performance through optimal nutrition will educate and expose athletes to the deeper aspects of building strong leaders and a dynamic team. It will build confidence, strength and healthy lifestyle practices.
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