UWS Implements Sanctions Against FC Austin Elite Following Grievance Review

11 Jul 2022
United Women's Soccer Statement FC Austin Elite

METUCHEN, NJ – United Women’s Soccer (UWS) today announced the implementation of sanctions that will take immediate effect against FC Austin Elite and the club’s ownership led by Danny Woodfill following an investigation led by the league’s Executive Committee and reviewed by legal council.

On Friday July 1, 2022 the UWS was made aware of a public statement posted on social media by players of FC Austin Elite with allegations of misconduct by the organization’s ownership. In accordance with league procedures, the UWS immediately launched an investigation during which it sought written and verbal grievances from players, the coach, and other UWS member organizations detailing the issues they had experienced. 

The investigators concluded that FC Austin Elite’s owner engaged in verbal, financial, and procedural misconduct. 

Given these findings, the UWS Executive Committee recommends the implementation of the following sanctions, which will take immediate effect for FC Austin Elite and its owner Danny Woodfill.

  1. The current ownership of FC Austin Elite led by Danny Woodfill can no longer serve as an owner, General Manager, or in any other capacity of any team in the UWS.

  2. Danny Woodfill will be removed, in all capacities, as a member of the UWS.

  3. FC Austin Elite and all organizations within the UWS which Danny Woodfill is partial/full owner of, director, investor, coach, and/or holds any leadership or involvement in will be allowed to continue as a member organization only after he removes himself or divests himself of ownership and the removal is vetted and approved by the UWS, AND the new ownership is vetted and approved per our existing guidelines.

Furthermore, the league will review its policies and procedures to ensure it continues to have robust contingency plans in place for any similar incidents going forward. The UWS remains committed to building respectful, inclusive, and professional workplaces. In the immediate future, this means providing DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) training and continuing to promote a culture of transparency by making the reporting protocols for any situation of bullying, discrimination, or harassment more accessible.


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