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The vision of UWS is to become the preeminent pro-am women’s soccer league in North America. The league is comprised of like-minded clubs aiming to invest in the women’s game.


Partner with clubs, players and sponsors for the advancement of women’s soccer by operating a pro-am league committed to professional standards in all aspects of operations.

Do you have what it takes to be a part of an elite women’s soccer league?


  • Quality competition. UWS selects clubs that are committed to excellence. Unlike other leagues, our goal is not to be the biggest – we want to be the best.
  • Respect for the women’s game. UWS focuses on professionally run operations, requiring teams to adhere to minimum standards that are overlooked by other pro-am leagues. Female players deserve the same facilities and amenities as their male counterparts, and fans deserve the best game day experience possible.
  • Your voice is heard. Unlike larger leagues, who can’t keep a handle on Issues that arise, we listen and address the issues of our member teams head on.
  • We are transparent. Team owners are provided with complete accounting on where funds are spent and how financial decisions are made. There is no question about where the money goes.
  • You are rewarded for your success. We allocate a travel subsidy for the Final Four to attend the National Championship.


Prospective teams can fill out an inquiry form or contact for more details.

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